Graphic design

We design logos, websites, online stores and online software. Our designer also makes corporate identities and everything that goes with it. So that all expressions of your company evoke a positive association, are distinctive and recognizable.

Impress with a graphic design

It is sometimes said: “You only get one chance to leave a first impression.” In many cases that is correct. Entirely in business. The first impression and experience that a potential customer of your company has is often decisive in deciding whether or not to purchase a service. There is a lot of competition and to make your company stand out, a good corporate identity is a must. A strong logo and accompanying style give the expressions of a company a recognizable and reliable appearance that creates a sense of trust and quality. SD Webdesign helps with this. We design powerful online solutions, logos and corporate identities.

What we design

Websites / Online stores / Web applications / Logos / Business cards / Envelopes / Brochures and much more!

Would you like to have something designed that is not listed? Contact us.

Our work

Grafisch ontwerper

From briefing to delivery

1. Briefing

The first step is to get to know the company, the target group and the intended goals. Through a conversation we gather information and define requirements with specific goals and guidelines. We convert this information into a briefing for the designer. With the briefing, the designer start working on the graphic design.

2. Research

An important part of the process is researching competitors, the market, the people, trends, etc. It is important to create a distinctive design, but it must also appeal to the intended target group.

3. Concept

In this step, the designer goes to work on coming up with a concept, or the idea behind the design. A beautiful picture alone is not enough. There must be a solid concept behind the design. This concept ensures that the design has a story. The concept is extended in all graphic expressions that must be designed.

4. Sketching

If a concept is conceived then we start sketching. For example, during the sketch phase we look at form, color and fonts. What fits best with the concept that was conceived. From the sketches, a number of graphic designs continue to conform to the briefing.

5. Work out and present

The two best designs are selected from the sketches. These designs are perfected and we present them to the customer. During the presentation we explain the concept behind the design and we explain our choices. Why we color these, why we have this font and why we have chosen this form language.

6. Feedback and delivery

There is a feedback round, in consultation we choose one design to continue with. Any feedback will be noted and processed. Then we ensure that the design is ready for the developers to build the website or online store.

Print work guidance

Would you rather not arrange the printed matter yourself? We can also take care of the printing work for you so that you do not have to worry about all the things that come with printing.

We have agencies in our network that we work with. We can request quotations, select paper. We also supply the files and keep in touch with the printer about the state of affairs. Depending on the size, the printed matter can be delivered to you or picked up at our office by appointment.

Are you challenging us for a new design?

We always look for the balance between beautiful and functional. With the proven working method, unique designs are created that will make your company stand out and have its own face.

Together we believe in authentic brands with a strong brand identity. We would like to develop an identity for that. Are you challenging us?

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I have been working with SD Webdesign for 8 years and am very satisfied with their excellent service. They follow the latest and new developments of PrestaShop closely.
5 5 1
Satisfied with the cooperation. Quick response to questions and the team thinks along in innovative solutions. Our new website is has become fantastic.