E-commerce advice from an expert

As a retailer, entrepreneur, manufacturer or wholesaler you are often busy with the digital strategy. Questions are raised such as: How do we optimize the online store? Where will we be in 2 years? As an ecommerce consultant, with 9 years of experience in managing and developing ecommerce, I help companies grow there online business.


It all starts with the customer journey of your visitors and customers.
There are often so many improvements. Sometimes a small detail such as a field in an order process that makes the end user doubt the order. I like to map these processes and the customer journey and results and solutions are suggested. Not in a book but a sober report with action plan.

I give e-commerce advice and have dozens of brands and online stores in recent years accompanied with increasing online sales, renewing the store and improving user-friendliness during the customer journey.

Thinking from the end user

In the end it’s about your visitors Online store. They must have a pleasant customer journey from A to Z with the brand and the online store. In everything we do, we put the visitor first.


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Why is the advice valuable?

SD Webdesign offers 9 years of experience in e-commerce. I have knowledge of the playing field, current innovations and pitfalls. Together we work on a successful digital strategy. Contact me without obligation, an introduction costs nothing but can yield a lot.

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Satisfied with the cooperation. Quick response to questions and the team thinks along in innovative solutions. Our new website is has become fantastic.
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I have been working with SD Webdesign for 8 years and am very satisfied with their excellent service. They follow the latest and new developments of PrestaShop closely.