About us

SD Webdesign is a full-fledged internet agency based in Almelo. We create corporate identities, PrestaShop online stores, WordPress websites and web applications. The right expert is always available. We have more than 8 years of experience, thanks to varied assignments and great clients! Are you curious about our history? You can find our timeline at the bottom of the page.


Fast communication, down-to-earth and professional.


Improving the experience between people en websites.
Stefan Dijkstra

Founder since 2010. I have been working on websites, online stores and web application since I was 16. The contact with customers is super nice!

Jonnie Hup

Graphic Designer. He works on unique designs as a very experienced designer. He improves the user experience, with an eye for both detail and ease of use.

Wouter Kleine Schaars

Developer. Transforms designs into functional websites and helps customers with support related questions.

Wessel Busscher

Front-end PrestaShop and WordPress developer. Has a fresh perspective on the technique.

Ruben Brüggink

Student for his internship Application Development.

Job opportunities

Will you join our team? We are always looking for new talent!


The start of SD Webdesign, Stefan turns his hobby into a business.
Strong growth with great projects and new clients.
Office in Almelo opens and we launch our new corporate identity.
The number of assignments keeps growing, as does our enjoyment!
Internal relocation to a bigger office. Record number of finished projects!
We aim for nice projects and growth of the number of clients and of SD Webdesign.
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We are satisfied with the operation and look & feel of the shop. A real improvement!
5 5 1
Easy Checkout is a simple but functional checkout system that perfectly matches our needs. Inventories are updated and we can quickly serve our customers.